Who are the Real Leaders?

Who are the Real Leaders?

By H4O Program Director, Zak Shellabarger

Leadership is tricky. There are so many men and women out there that are “leaders” because they run a company or hold a certain position – but are they really leaders?

I guess they are, but I think most of us could agree that just because someone has a certain title or position, doesn’t mean they are necessarily holding their place well. In a world filled with mediocre and corrupt leaders, how do we judge what makes a real leader?

The real leaders are the servant leaders. Servant leadership is simple. If someone is a servant leader, it means they view their follower’s success as their own. They exist to serve others, especially those that follow them. They rejoice in the success of others, and they help bear the burden of their failures.

Servant leaders dedicate their lives to bolstering up the people around them. They aim to multiply their skills and knowledge through mentorship and the sharing of opportunity. Servant leaders will not feel threatened or jealous of other’s success. In fact, they see their success as a victory.

If you want to be a servant leader, you need to relinquish a sense of entitlement. The “I’ve earned this” mentality that comes with leadership positions is unhealthy because you view your success as something solely earned by you. You and your success are byproducts of other people investing in your life and giving you chances. If you are a servant leader, you are going to make sure others have the same.