Vision Trips are opportunities for young people
to make a change and be changed in a developing country.


Service opportunities make a difference not only for those who receive the help; they help shape the volunteers themselves. This is the essence of our vision trips. Expect to be changed while serving others.


Vision trips are a time to put faces and memories to your hard work and to see your efforts come to fruition as the taps are turned on in a community for the first time. It’s an experience you will not forget.


Traveling to a developing country to install the water filtration system that you raised the funds for is designed to help you launch. What will you do next to change the world?

“I set a goal of raising $500 to bring clean water to those less fortunate than me. By simply sharing my campaign on social media, and emailing my friends and family I was able to reach my goal in 2 weeks! Going on a Vision Trip was life-changing, and it really felt good knowing that I made a difference.”

Lucia Lynn
Senior, San Marcos High School

“I put out change jars at my high school everyday at lunch to raise money for H4O and ended up raising about $1,000. I was happy to do it, and I ended up getting the opportunity to go on a vision trip – which I didn’t expect but was so excited to be a part of! I had the most incredible experience and am so grateful to have said “yes” to H4O!”
Dustin Bailey
Junior, University of Colorado, Boulder