The Wave is a community of people who have a passion to solve the world’s water crisis
in their own spheres of influence. Join our movement as a team or as an individual campaigner!


Come together with a group of your friends, classmates, coworkers, teammates, or siblings to form a team to raise the funds needed to install a water filtration system. If your team raises $1000, we will send you an H4O gift basket containing tshirts and other merchandise. Reach $5,000 and your key leaders will be able to participate in our Mentorship Program. If you raise $10,000, team leaders will have the opportunity to apply for a Vision Trip.


Want to help solve the world’s water crisis with your skills and talents? Run a marathon. Hold a rummage sale. Give up your birthday presents this year and donate the money to someone who doesn’t have access to clean water. Do something crazy.

“Soccer unites the universal language of soccer with the universal need for clean water…and putting on a penalty kick tournament was so fun! In just a few months we put on a tournament and raised over $5,000 for clean water.”
Jake Yonally
Providence High School

“My friends and I decided to sell lemonade outside Albertson’s with my Grammy’s famous lemonade recipe. We accepted optional donations in exchange for glasses of lemonade and people were much more generous than I could have ever imagined. We raised $1,000 in only one day for clean water!”
Karly Saurman
Sophomore, Cal Poly Pomona