Spread Generosity

Spread Generosity

By H4O Founder, Spencer Dusebout

What does it mean to be generous?

We commonly understand generosity as the act of giving money, or time, away.

However, should giving money or time for your own personal gain be considered generous? Let me rephrase, does a business giving money away solely for marketing purposes embody generosity?

Giving is an action, but people do not always give due to generosity.

The flipside of giving is empathy, putting yourself in the shoes of others – feeling their hurt and pain. However, is it generous to merely empathize with others? I think not.

Generosity is combination of empathy and giving. It is a mindset that welcomes empathy, and leads to tangible action – i.e. giving.

Generous people understand the brokenness that exists in our world, but they care enough to act, regardless of any personal gain. True generosity means taking from yourself to give to others.

We all have a choice to be selfish or generous. To make decisions solely for our own purposes, or to consciously choose to put those less privileged above ourselves.

We have a responsibility to look out for ourselves, but I wonder how often we make a decision that is truly generous. Is is once a year? Once a month? Every week? Every day?

What if we all decided to double our answer? What if once a month became twice a month, once a week became twice a week?

It may seem small, but think about a twice as generous society. I don’t know about you, but that is something I can get behind.