Our Story

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Meet the Founder – Watch Spencer’s TEDx on how we got started!

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 The movement began when Hands 4 Others’ Founder, Spencer Dusebout and a couple of high school friends traveled to a handful of developing countries and observed the tragic reality that there were hundreds of millions of people around the globe who didn’t have access to clean, safe water to drink. Long story short, they decided to take action right then and there!
They funded a water system for their very first village in Bondeni, Kenya. They traveled to Bondeni, installed the water system and celebrated with several thousand grateful people! It was during this trip that Spencer and his friends realized their work was just beginning.
Just a few short years since that initial journey, Hands 4 Others has expanded into an incredible movement of hundreds of young people looking to solve the world’s water crisis and provide aid to refugees in Europe and Syria.

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Together, as empowered youth, we can be the generation that solve’s the world’s water crisis.

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