Finding your Passions

Finding your Passions

By H4O Founder, Spencer Dusebout

What are you passionate about? What change do you want to see in the world?

Young people think often about these questions, yet can often times be paralyzed by the amount of options. We think we are passionate about many things – so what should we choose?

There are highs and lows in life – mountaintop experiences and tough times in the valleys below.

I’ve heard it said that following our passions does not give us a perpetual state of mountaintop bliss, but rather the strength to crawl out of the valleys.

So how do you find your passion(s)?

My encouragement is to say “yes!” …meaning do something! Put it to the test!

For example: If you believe you are passionate about helping the homeless, go help them! When your work gets challenging (and it always does) you will know your level of passion by how you respond. Walking away suggests it never was your true passion, but leaning in to the work, in spite of the challenges, suggests you are onto something.

Following your passions will not be easy per se, but you will press on.

So, say “yes” to taking action – put your passions to the test – it is the only way to truly discover your passions in life.